Box Rules

Show Up. Check In. WORK HARD every TIME

Check your EGO at the door!

Never DOUBT yourself ! 15 Burpee penalty if you even mention CAN’T

BE NICE. Introduce yourself to new members.

Remember the GOLDEN RULE. Do onto others, as you would want done to you

This is a BITCH-FREE zone. Please leave your drama, baggage and bad mood outside

Let the COACH…COACH. Ask for help if you are not sure.

There will be sweating, profanity, grunting, bleeding and even flatulence. GET USED TO IT!

Have some INTEGRITY! Cutting Reps is NOT a “scaling option”, it’s called CHEATING. Count every rep. Be honest with your fellow athletes and yourself. Don’t be surprised if a coach NO REPS you.

You are responsible for your own safety. Be aware of what is going on around you and your own body. Push yourself, but not to an unsafe level.

Clean up after YOURSELF! This includes: equipment, bottles, chalk dust, DNA.

If you appear to be OVER-TRAINED or UNDER THE WEATHER, the coaching staff has the right to send you home.

ALWAYS log your results. Progress is important!

MUSIC will be LOUD and sometimes OFFENSIVE…we won’t always be

politically correct.

TREAT YOUR EQUIPMENT with RESPECT. Do not drop dumbbells,

kettlebells or empty barbells unless bodily harm is eminent.

Most important is HAVE FUN and push yourself to be a better you!